All aboard! Enchanted Forest trips in our magical minibus!

CaptureAt Enchanted Forest, we provide the very best in early learning and childcare to each and every child that comes through our magical doors. We focus on children’s educational development through offering a range of learning experiences in which parents, carers and families can also become involved.

Enchanted Forest decided to go the extra mile for their wonderful families by investing in the learning opportunities available to children… and so the magical Enchanted Forest minibus became part of our magical world.

It is important that children are aware of the world around them and in particular their local communities. The aim of the Enchanted Forest minibus is to ensure that children are actively engaging in their local community, becoming aware of their surroundings and important places where they can go to become leaders of their own learning.

Each of our enchanting nurseries can book the Enchanted Forest minibus and trusty driver in order to organise trips in the wider community. Trips include visits to educational establishments such as museums and libraries where the children are introduced to learning experiences.

The planned activities encourages children to learn more about the learning opportunities that their local community has to offer as well as building their confidence and independence in visiting new places and trying new things. As well as this the trips encourage children to pursue individual interests which they may have whilst promoting social skills in a group setting.

Staff ensure the safety of children and all times and our special bright Enchanted Forest t-shirts ensure that children are easily identifiable and seen. Staff take pictures of their trips and update parents on places they have visited, involving parents in their child’s learning and providing ideas of places to visit at the weekend.

Keep an eye out for the Enchanted Forest mini bus in your area! J