Curriculum for Excellence

The curriculum in Enchanted Forest Nurseries (EFN) follows local and national guidelines. In line with Curriculum for Excellence, we deliver a curriculum which is full of experiences and outcomes which we believe will enhance each one of our children’s learning. We implement curriculum for excellence through the use of planners which plan for progress in literacy, numeracy/mathematics, health and wellbeing as well as planning our topics with our children in a cross curricular way.

What is Curriculum for Excellence?

Curriculum for Excellence is designed to build on the best existing practices in Scottish education. It includes all of the experiences and opportunities planned for all children throughout their education to enable them to achieve in learning, life and work. Putting Curriculum for Excellence into practice is a continuing process. The curriculum is regularly reviewed and refreshed to ensure it remains relevant.

What are the purposes of education in Scotland?

The hope for all children and every young person is that they should become:

  • confident individuals
  • successful learners
  • responsible citizens
  • effective contributors to society and at work.

What do we mean by ‘Curriculum’?

The curriculum is all that is planned for children and young people throughout their education, including during their time at Enchanted Forest Nurseries. Children start learning before birth and have already learned an immense amount before they nursery. The curriculum provides the support, structure and direction for children’s learning. Children learn at home, school and in the community. A wide range of adults, particularly parents, are directly involved in the education of children.

The 8 curriculum areas are:

  • Literacy/English
  • Numeracy/Mathematics
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Sciences
  • Technologies
  • Social Studies
  • Religious and Moral Education
  • Expressive Arts

How will your child progress?

The experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence are written at 5 levels, the path children at Enchanted Forest Nurseries are expected to follow is:

early level – in the pre-school years and P1

It is recognised that children and young people will progress at different rates: some will require additional support and may take longer for their learning to be secure at a particular level; others will achieve secure learning sooner. Enchanted Forest Nursery have robust planning, assessment and observation methods in place to ensure children’s progress is being tracked.