Enchanted Forst Nurseries Goes Digital

Digital-TableFollowing research presented by the University of Wisconsin earlier this year which found that interactive digital screens can be beneficial to children’s learning, Enchanted Forest Nurseries is set to become one of the first independent chains in Scotland to invest in new technology across its nurseries.

Plans are being finalised to train all staff in the use of tilting digital C-Point Interactive Tables, designed at the same height as a normal nursery table and built of solid aluminum with a safety glass touchscreen, prior to their installation in the 3-5 years’ rooms.

This represents an investment of almost £15,000 by the owners of the award winning chain which provides care for 400 children daily at its nurseries in Erskine, Greenock, Thornliebank and Inverkip.

Mariessa Devlin, co-founding Director of Enchanted Forest Nurseries comments;

“We have kept a close watch on research into this area and believe these digital tables offer a unique way for youngsters to learn while having fun. Their content covers the Curriculum for Excellence, and combines fun games and activities with creativity, learning about numeracy and literacy, the world around us, emotions, responsibility, music with lots of other fun and educational programs available besides. In addition, we will also be able to save the children’s work from the tables for their Individual Learning Stories and even better we can provide these direct to the parents by email, enabling them to print from home, which really is an added bonus.”

Whilst the screens are expected to be fully installed by October 2013, Enchanted Forest Nurseries will ensure that more traditional forms of learning continue to be embraced with storytelling, active play as well as trips to local places of interest continuing to take place, courtesy of the chain’s branded mini bus, all remaining firmly in place.