Perking Up Enchanted Forest Staff

In November 2016, Enchanted Forest owners Bernie and Mariessa Devlin launched ‘Perk Box’ for their team. Following consultation meetings with our team, it became evident that our staff love working for Enchanted Forest, however we continually face challenges when retaining staff who often move off to work in higher paid roles within local authorities.

High staff turnover in childcare is common place and Enchanted Forest are particularly proud of their lower than industry norm staff turnover. The Enchanted Forest team now have even more reason to be happy as they have access to exciting free rewards ranging from free mobile phone insurance, discounted movie tickets, restaurants and shopping at many major stores.

Perk Box state ‘We think of happiness as an investment, like a relationship, or a nice cashmere jumper. That’s why we’ll keep on adding new perks every week’.’

Mariessa Devlin, Enchanted Forest Managing Director commented, “We place a huge amount of value on our team, afterall they are at the forefront of caring and educating every child who attends our services. With this in mind, we appreciate that the private sector may not pay as highly as the public sector, however we are confident that we implement various methods to ensure we are an attractive employer who offers many additional benefits to our team. We have invested in Perk Box as a way of thanking our team for their continued hard work. It is important to us that our team know they are valued.’

Liz Herd, Enchanted Forest employee added ‘I was delighted to receive my welcome email from Mariessa and Bernie advising us of Perk Box, I have already benefited from free mobile phone insurance.’

Every members of the Enchanted Forest team can log-in to Perk Box to open up a wealth of benefits for them to redeem.